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you know the drill - comment if you want to read.

just because you ask, doesn't mean i'm going to add


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Aug. 7th, 2004 10:06 pm (UTC)
I want to read. :)
Aug. 7th, 2004 10:47 pm (UTC)
def.. ur added =)
Aug. 7th, 2004 10:19 pm (UTC)
add me lovely please. i read your comment. and thanks. even though we dont get to comment back and forth as much the thing we had wont die. i didnt delete my journal for about 5 people or less. but your one of them. so many people can say kind words. but you, are so very nice, so intresting, beautiful. and i love reading your entries and i will be here more for giving advice to your entires now ive sort of fixed my life a bit better. So i hope to add. if not thanks. and i still love reaidng this journal =).

Aug. 7th, 2004 10:45 pm (UTC)
aw u are already added!!! u know u dont even have to ask

im so glad to hear that u have fixed ur life for the better!!

thanks so much for the comment =)
Aug. 8th, 2004 12:17 pm (UTC)
i hope you keep me on your friends list
i love reading about what's going on in your life, & you know i care about you! =)
Aug. 8th, 2004 11:55 pm (UTC)
why would i take u off?! we go wayyy back and ur kool as hell lol! i need to go check ur community, i keep seeing it show up but im too busy to read.. u posted anything new? i hope so u kno i love readin ur poems =0
Aug. 9th, 2004 04:32 pm (UTC)
hey yeah theres some new stuff.... & thanx for what you said, i feel the same way about you.=)
Aug. 8th, 2004 01:24 pm (UTC)
keep me?
Aug. 8th, 2004 11:53 pm (UTC)
oh def! how have u been btw? are u going to LSU for the fall? i dont think i could have done summer like u did lol
Aug. 9th, 2004 09:54 am (UTC)
i've been ...busy. haha yes, i am going to LSU in the fall. and summer was actually really easy. we need to get together before you go to SLU.
Aug. 9th, 2004 11:34 am (UTC)
yea we def do need to get together!!! i move on the 16th (next mon) so it has to be before then lol
Aug. 9th, 2004 12:06 pm (UTC)
alright, tell me when and where and i will try my hardest to be there. ohhh or you can come meet me at work.
Aug. 9th, 2004 01:28 pm (UTC)
where u work at?
Aug. 9th, 2004 02:02 pm (UTC)
Uncle O's on Millerville and Harrell's Ferry.
It's like seafood / steak / sandwiches and salads.
Aug. 9th, 2004 10:02 pm (UTC)
oh i know where thats at!! kel and megan both worked there for awhile.. its good - i like their crawfish n shrimp poboys lol (u didnt need to know that hah sorry)
Aug. 9th, 2004 11:30 pm (UTC)
yeah, megan still works there ... well, just started again.
Aug. 10th, 2004 01:17 am (UTC)
oh really?!! tell her i said hey!!!! i love her shes awesome =)

when u working a lunch shift? ima come eat with ppl hehe
Aug. 10th, 2004 08:49 am (UTC)
umm, i'm not working any this week - i'm working dinners wednesday, thursday and friday.
Aug. 8th, 2004 07:50 pm (UTC)
sorry i havent commented in a while. i had more complications with my wisdom teeth and had to get another blood clot removed and all that. and i have been babysitting. but i still want to read. hope to see you at clara's brothers but i am going to something for maggie stuart before that so hopefully i will be there after that if it doesnt end to late, but i am sure that i am going to leave early
Aug. 8th, 2004 11:24 pm (UTC)
aw whats wrong with ur teeth =( i scared to get mine out haha

i hope i can go to claras bros too!! im thinking yes since i will be out of the house in a few days anyway hah

hope i see u there too!!!!
Aug. 31st, 2004 08:01 pm (UTC)
Hey i want in roomie... hope you feel better
Sep. 1st, 2004 12:45 pm (UTC)
Re: hey
hehe!! u have to get a lj tho bc i cant add annoymous ppl!!
Oct. 24th, 2004 04:47 am (UTC)
Just browsin'. New to Lj and not sure how stuff works. Like your quotes, tho. U hafta add ppl before they read posts?
Apr. 20th, 2005 02:42 pm (UTC)
Re: =)
do u know me or did u com across my journal ramdomly... and how? im
VERY picky on who reads this.
Mar. 25th, 2005 02:41 pm (UTC)
long time no write .. remember me ? lol !
hey jessss .. it's cori all the way from ujournal , lol . u made me a layout a long time ago / we used to talk .. i've started up lj again and wanted to add u .. add me back if you'd like ! hope you're doing well ! <33
Mar. 25th, 2005 02:43 pm (UTC)
Re: long time no write .. remember me ? lol !
haha heyy how are you?! i barely write in this thing anymore but im about to start again.. of course i'll add u
Jan. 29th, 2006 11:03 am (UTC)
hey this is lilibeth from uj. is this foal54? add me back!
Feb. 17th, 2013 02:54 pm (UTC)
Can we chat? Go Here dld.bz/chwZR
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